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Project Leaders (PL) are selected for a specific Project by a Project Coordinator (PC) from within the CWM committee. To assist a PC to identify a volunteering CWM Subscriber as a suitable Project Leader, it is necessary to balance the many attributes of our volunteers against the requirements of that Project. 

Considerations in selecting a PL include the following -

  1. Nature of the field task:
    • Location, feral problem, likely start date and duration,
    • Necessary hunter skills, necessary vehicles and equipment.
    • Unique difficulties or sensitivities any necessary unique additional skills required,
    • Likely time commitment required,
    • Likely number of teams (members) required.
  2. Experience of available PL volunteers.
  3. Demonstrated previous performance, including leadership skills of PL volunteers.
  4. The Role of a Project Leader.

The Role of a Project Leader

The role of a Project Leader (PL) is to provide leadership and oversight of the detailed planning, plan implementation and post activity reporting for a CWM approved field project.

Project Leader Attributes.

Ideally a Project Leader will have demonstrated the following:

  1. Be an enthusiastic Subscriber of CWM.
  2. Be fully CWM accredited and have a reasonable level of field experience.
  3. Be prepared to invest the necessary time and effort into the detailed planning and implementation of the Project.
  4. Be confident and competent in providing firm fair and friendly leadership for all CWM volunteers allocated to deployed teams during the nominated project while under his/her leadership.
  5. Already have experience or knowledge of the project property or the project area. (Ideal but not necessary)

Other Practical Considerations

Because of the diverse nature and locations of CWM projects, the tyranny of distance together with other personal commitments, often ideal Project Leaders are prevented from volunteering.

Consequently, occasionally, an individual’s knowledge and experience of a more remote Project location can become a prime attribute.

Support for the Project Leader

Considerable assistance is available for a PL from a number of CWM Subscriber, and particularly from Committee members.

(Typical) Development of a CWM Project

Usually, a member of the committee introduces a possible project to the CWM committee, where it is discussed and evaluated as to whether we can, as an organisation, be effective in assisting the landholder(s).

A PC within CWM refines the emerging project to the point where a PL becomes necessary. A briefing is held (in person or via phone) with the PC & PL to assess all available detail and address considerations such as:

  • maps, contact numbers, feral problems, aims,
  • recent local feral controls and sightings.

At this briefing a Scoping Document is developed in consultation with the landholder/s to ensure all reasonable contingencies are covered.

From here a Project Checklist is developed to assist the PL in the detailed planning and carrying out of the project.

The project checklist covers essential considerations and their usual sequence, to help the PL develop their plans efficiently and for Team Leader’s (TL) to carry out on ground operations effectively.

Project Implementation

  • Emerging Projects are advertised through regular CWM channels - Emails, News Letters and the CWM web site.
  • Sufficient detail is publicised to alert CWM Subscriber to the broad feral problem, the general location, possible project timings and any other known information.
  • At this stage there is often little other available information that can be made public.

Although a PL may have a prime interest in a particular Project, once experienced he graduates to the experience pool within CWM, and become an even more valuable Subscriber.

Any enthusiastic CWM member can volunteer for a leadership position at any stage along the way. To help continue the successful development of a growing CWM, volunteers are invited to register their interest in becoming a PL by contacting CWM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for an application form.

Please lodge your now and make yourself known to committee members or the coordinators in your region by offering to help where you can and also attending CWM training events, projects and working bees etc.

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