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Costs are:

  • Subscription and annual renewal at 31st March - $55.00 Single - $70 Family (2 Adults at the same address) All must be SSAA Qld Members over 18 years of age.
  • Accreditation Course - $35.00
  • Marksmanship test - the usual applicable Range Fees for attendance at the range (Practical target accreditation).

We also have regular ongoing training covering special subjects, projects and range days for marksmanship practice.

We are a self funded, not for profit organisation, with a goal of controlling feral pests that are posing a threat to the environment.

Attendance at a project is only as part of a team, under the leadership of the team leader and at pre-arranged times as agreed between the land owner and SSAA Qld Conservation and Wildlife Management.

At the start of each visit to a project, there is a risk assessment and team briefing, which includes completing relevant paperwork for insurance purposes.
Teams consist of a minimum of two members and if there is more than one team, areas of operation are allocated by the team leader.

Safety, clean humane dispatch of animals and a high standard of professionalism are our primary priorities.

Main hunting methods are walking creek lines, still hunting (stakeout), spotlighting & line abreast.

From time to time we also assist other conservation groups by helping with animal monitoring and/or collection of data.  However these are not standalone tasks but rather as incidental tasks to our primary role of controlling pest species.

We have calibre/cartridge requirements for various species to ensure a humane kill of target animals.
Accreditation Courses are run every couple of months, depending on the numbers and region.


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