Tue, Oct 03, 2023

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CWM (Qld) volunteers assist University of Qld and our other partners to carry out vital research into the environmental impacts of wild Red Deer in Queensland.  Research is based on 2 sites, Cressbrook Dam and Lake Perserverance outside Toowoomba in South Eastern Queensland.  For more details please refer to the research project's website:

CWM (Qld) have been volunteering on a number of properties since 2001, assisting in the removal of feral predators that are threatening the endangered Bridled Nail Wallaby.  More details on the following websites:

CWM (Qld) have helped or assisted in the removal of over 2000 feral pigs from one property where the Yellow Chat bird breeds. The vegetation that is vital to the Yellow Chat breeding has seen a massive regeneration since the removal of these feral pigs. Numbers of Yellow Chat are said to be improving. 

There are 3 species of Tinker frogs in Qld. CWM (Qld) assist in the removal of feral pigs and other predators that cause the spread of a fungus that kills a critically endangered species of Tinker Frog. We also work to remove any predators of the Tinker frog ie Cats and foxes.

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