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Westmar Project

Westmar project is a 15,000 acre working cattle breeding & fattening property near Westmar.


Westmar project is about 5 hours west of Brisbane, the most pleasant route being via Toowoomba, Cecil Plains, Moonie, however you may go Toowoomba - Dalby -Moonie which is approximately 30 minutes longer.


  • Private Property Owners.
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Conservation Outcomes

  • Monitor, observe and record native species of birds and animals for research purposes.
  • Reduce the number of Foxes, Feral Cats, Indian Minor, Wild Dogs and Goats.
  • Assist with keeping a sustainable balance of specific native animals as directed.


This property is a well managed grazing enterprise which has been has been managed by the same family since it was selected in early 1900’s.

Project Milestones

Commenced: 2017.

SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management expertise utilised

  • Ground shooting of permitted pest animal species.
  • Spotlighting at night will comprise a large portion of this project.



CWM’s accommodation at this project is a well maintained shearers quarters which is used at times by another hunter.

It is very comfortable having 240V power, separate shower toilet block, small kitchen area including gas stove and kitchen sink, 3 Bedrooms and veranda.


Travelling to this project by 2wd vehicle is sufficient. 4wd vehicles are required for work on this project.

As spotlighting at night will comprise a large portion of this project, vehicles set up for this purpose will be given preference.

What to bring

Standard equipment as per CWM’s operating procedures.

  • Consideration of weather conditions when attending this project is important;
    • Temperatures of 40+ in summer and 0 degrees in winter are the norm.
  • Gaiters for all work, including at night are recommended as snakes are prevalent in warmer months.  Scrub Ticks can also be an issue.
  • The other hunter at this property has spent a great deal of time and effort in the upkeep and maintenance of the sleeping quarters.
  • There is a $10 (per adult per trip) accommodation levy as our contribution to assist with maintaining the quarters and supplies of other consumables.

Project Contacts

Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.


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