Tue, Jun 02, 2020

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Burdekin River Wetlands Project




Nth of Townsville



Conservation Outcome

  • Preserve and enhance populations of native ground-dwelling species
  • Preserve and enhance populations of native and migratory bird species
  • Preserve and enhance plant biodiversity and native wildlife.
  • Feral Pig control



Project Milestones


SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management expertise utilised

  • Ground shooting of Feral pigs.
  • Monitor for any introduced feral predators.
  • Minor maintenance work on facilities



Bush Camping and House available


To project: 4 wheel drive access.

On ground: Walking (principally)

What to bring

Standard equipment for all CWM projects (refer Project Coordinator)

Consider the weather conditions for the time of year that you are attending the project.

Co-ordinate with your trip leader directly.

Project Contacts

Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.

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