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Project Chillagoe



This project consists of two large cattle stations covering around 230,000 hectares with a varied geography comprising wooded savannah plains, grazed country, and steep rocky outcrops.




The project is around 90 mins northwest of Chillagoe and can be accessed from Cairns in approximately 5 hours or from Townsville in about 8 hours.


Conservation Outcomes


  • Preserve and enhance populations of native birdlife,
  • Preserve and enhance plant biodiversity, and
  • Minimise water source erosion and turbidity.


Project Milestones


  • Humane dispatching of feral species (pigs, wild dogs, cats, rabbits) through coordinated ground searching by day and by night. The priority of effort is to be directed towards the dispatching of pigs and wild dogs.
  • Reporting damage to internal infrastructure.
  • Use of game cameras to report on the presence of pigs and wild dogs.






One half of the property has a musterers’ outstation with tank water, bucket flush toilet and gas heated shower (bring your own gas cylinder). The other part of the project allows access to the ringers’ quarters with (cold) shower and toilet. In both locations participants will need to provide their own tent, swag or camper trailer plus cooking facilities. However, access to the outstation and ringers’ quarters cannot be guaranteed so participants must be prepared to be fully self-contained.





High clearance 4WD drive vehicles are required for access to and around the project. Vehicles need to be well maintained and must be equipped for self-recovery and have fuel reserves.




There is no mobile phone coverage on the project but a CWM satphone will be available for emergency outwards calls. CWM parties will use the station UHF channels of either 2 (duplex) or 7 (duplex).


What to bring


Standard equipment as per CWM operating procedures – Backpack with 5w UHF radio, GPS/compass, map, water, first aid kit etc. Contact the Project Coordinator for a full list.




Please see the Calendar tab for the Project Coordinator’s contact details.


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