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Project Collinsville

The Collinsville Project is a 65,690ha property operating as a working cattle station which has a strong cultural heritage and is the home of a rare and at risk species of freshwater tortoise known as Irwin’s Tortoise (Elseya irwini), named after the late Steve Irwin.


North-west of Mackay in the Collinsville region of Central Queensland


  • Indigenous Land Owners
  • Private Lessee Cattle Producers

Conservation Outcomes & Monitoring:

Reduce the numbers of wild dogs that are known to predate on or kill Koala’s and other wildlife.  Feral pigs root up creek/river banks and foul waterholes.  They also predate on the young & eggs of ground dwelling birds and other small animals/reptiles.

CWM will be carrying out monitoring of resident Koala population and recording sightings of Irwin’s Tortoise.  


This property is a pristine valley in the old heart of Birriguba country and was acquired by the current owners on 1st April 1998 through a grant from the Indigenous Land Corporation.

The property comprises Bluegum forests and flood channels along a significant river system with rare Black Iron Box (Eucalyptus reveretiana) found along the banks of the main channel, some of which are over 30 metres high. The balance of the property is predominantly Ironbark ridges, hills and slopes.

Project Milestones:

Commenced:             2008

SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management expertise utilised:

  • Ground shooting of permitted feral animal species, predominantly feral pigs & wild dogs.
  • Monitoring of numbers of feral cattle on property, especially scrub bulls.

Monitoring of numbers of feral cattle on property, especially scrub bulls.



There are three potential campsites on the property (one at either end and one in the middle). The middle camp site is the only one with any facilities at all. These are very basic and consist of a “long drop” toilet and a small timber and galvanised iron lean-to. There is ample fresh running water for bathing and cooking.

Mobile phone reception and UHF radio transmission are extremely unreliable in this country due to the very hilly terrain and remoteness.

Be prepared to bring everything you will need for the duration, including shelter, bedding, food, generator, lighting and fresh drinking water. (There is ample fresh water available but it should be boiled first before human consumption).


A 4WD vehicle with good clearance and capability is mandatory for access to and traversing the property.

Once on site, there is ample opportunity for on-foot hunting.

What to bring:

Standard equipment as per CWM operating procedures (refer to your Trip Leader for details)

This Project can be very hot in summer and quite cold in winter so prepare accordingly.

Ticks and snakes can present a challenge on this project, so bring appropriate first-aid and repellent.

A reasonable level of fitness and agility is needed to attend this project due to the terrain and vegetation.

Project Contact:

Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.


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