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Project Avocet


Project Flashjack is a major initiative in conjunction with the Queensland Government, the focus of which is to provide support to Qld Environment & Heritage Dept & Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service in the reintroduction and subsequent recovery of the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby, an endangered species that used to be very widespread.


Approximately 42Km south of Emerald on the Springsure/ Emerald road.

The property is a working cattle station owned by the Spooner family which has set aside a section of 1100 acres of remnant Brigalow and lancewood scrub under a nature conservancy with the Qld Environment and Heritage Dept

Property principal is Hugo Spooner


Conservation Outcome

To protect and enhance the reintroduced population of Bridled Nailtail Wallaby on Avocet Nature Refuge and surrounding areas.

The main threat to the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby is feral animal predation on both the young and adults the main threat predators are

  • Cat (Felis catus)
    The feral cat
  • European red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
    European fox
  • Wild dog (Canis Familiaris)
    Wild dog

Common name: Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
Other names: Flashjack or waistcoat wallaby
Scientific name: Onychogalea fraenata (Gr. onyx = nail, gale = weasel, L.fraenum = bridle)
Animal group: wallabies, kangaroos and tree-kangaroos
Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

Conservation status

This species is listed as Endangered in Queensland (Nature Conservation Act 1992) and nationally (Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999).


The project first came about in early 2003 with an invitation from Hugo Spooner and Janelle Lowry (EHP) to look at the predation problems they had and see if CWM could help.

CWM’s particular Shooting Skill set fitted in well and it ticked the right boxes. Project guide lines were drawn up and the first team was on ground by mid 2003.

With predation from cats, foxes and dogs being the main concern these are the three primary target species while pigs pose no direct threat to the flashjack they are of high concern to the neighbours that surround Avocet reserve and are important to be removed as well but are part of the secondary target species.

Rabbits are only targeted if numbers get to high as they provide an alternative food source for the primary target species.

Project Milestones

2003: project commencement
2005: wallabies released
2007: Members trained by QPWS for health check and population monitoring of wallabies
2009: Field Day
2009: Maintenance and supply of shipping container for secure storage of project equipment.



Swag and tarp
Tent or camper trailers.
On-site water for washing only.
Bush shower cubicle.
240 volt power, 1 x 10amp outlet only
Will need powerboard
Container/safe storage (40 ft)
2 - 4 x 2 m picnic style shelters with sink and washing water.
Toilet tent – soon to be a permanent toilet.

Duration of project trips

Trip duration can vary from two days to 1 week


To and from
All modes of transportation.
On site
2-wheel drive utes when dry, if slightly wet must be 4-wheel drive

What to bring

Standard equipment as per CWM operating procedures
The property lends to all kinds of hunting (spotlighting, walking and still hunting are mostly used)
Both hand and rifle mount spotlights
Night vision for still hunting (ask about our CWM set)
Good Torch
GPS recommended
Range finder recommended
Sun block, hat and appropriate hot weather clothing
Insect repellent is required after rains in the area both sandflies and mosquitoes become quite thick for a few weeks.
Standard camp gear (knives, forks, plates and equipment)required
240v power and a large floodlight are onsite
4 Burner BBQ stored in the container on site
Drinking water can be sourced from the homestead

Nearest towns for consumable items
Springsure (27km)
Small IGA and Four Square, BP Service Station, Tyre service, Chemist, small Hardware store.
Emerald (42km)
Coles, Woolworths, specialty stores, several Service Stations, Mitre 10 Megahardware store, gun store, and all other services found in large country towns.
Hospital, Doctors’ surgeries.

Project Contacts

Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.



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