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Aramac Pigs, Central Qld

A very special place with natural artesian springs supporting an extraordinary variety of endemic aquatic plants and animals, particularly the endangered Red-finned Blue-eye fish (Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis) and vulnerable Edgbaston Goby (Chlamydogobius squamigenus).

Area: 8,100 ha in Central Queensland, 140km NE of Longreach

Come prepared

While The Project is not too far from the nearest town, but it is still possible to get cut off during and following wet weather.  Roads in, out and around the property are unsealed and with a little rain can become impassable to all vehicles.  It is Volunteers come well stocked with extra supplies of food, water and fuel. 

Vehicle requirements

The terrain comprises a combination of steep rocky escarpments, flat black soil plains, sandy Spinifex patches, tight acacia timbered areas and extremely soft muddy wetlands. It is strongly recommended that volunteers ensure they travel in a reliable high clearance 4WD, and it will need to meet the following vehicle requirements.

  • Must be 4WD with high clearance
  • Equipped with: UHF radio, two spare tyres, tyre gauge, tyre changing equipment, rated towing points, dual fuel tanks or extra fuel (2 x 20l jerry cans), first aid kit, basic vehicle maintenance tools, torch, emergency drinking water (20 litres per person) and emergency food rations.

Travel throughout the Reserve is restricted to designated tracks.

Location How to get there.

The closest town Project is Aramac, located approx 35km SSW of the reserve and 66km north of Barcaldine on the Capricorn/ Landsborough Highway.


We ask that all vehicles are filled up with fuel prior to coming into the reserve. Last fuel stop is at Aramac.


There is a mobile phone reception booster located at the Shearing Shed for Telstra network. Outside of this there is no reliable mobile telephone coverage. There are a number of “hot spots” along the northern boundary but these are very dependent on weather conditions.

Other requirements

No pets or animals to be brought to the project 

General Safety & Emergency Assistance

Keeping safe is a responsibility shared by you and all other workers.

Medical and emergency services are not close at hand.  Reserve staff are trained in first aid and the reserve is equipped with first aid kits and emergency equipment.

Food and shopping

Please bring your own food and drinks for the duration of your stay. It is advisable to bring contingency supplies in case you get stuck for a bit longer. Aramac Grocery Store on Gordon Street is open most days.

What to Bring


Broad brimmed hat

Piece of blaze orange high visibility clothing [eg. SSAA blaze orange hat]

Water bottle adequate to carry with you

UHF Radio

Handheld GPS

Sturdy boots

Eye and ear protection

Sunscreen with high SPF rating

First aid kit and Snake bite kit

Work gloves

Insect repellent High Deet content NOTE: At certain times of year, ticks can be a real problem at. Wearing a DEET based repellent is recommended, as it will have least impacts on aquatic ecosystems compared to other formulations.

Torch [headlight]

Wet weather gear, recommend getting out before it gets wet or be prepared to stay a while

Spare batteries

Target Species

 Feral pigs, cats and rabbits. Feral goats, foxes and hares are rarely sighted on the reserve, but should be targeted if observed. 




  The shearing shed is a popular spot for groups due to its huge open layout with drinking water, 240V electricity, four- burner stove, BBQ, sink, fridge, freezer and washing machine.



The ‘open-air’ shower and flushing toilet have a lot of charm.


All rubbish must be taken off the reserve.

Aramac is a small outback town with a population of about 230 people. Basic facilities and services available include: fuel-café, a small supermarket, caravan park, hotel, mechanic, Aramac Hospital, Aramac Medical Centre (M-F 9am – 5pm only).


Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.

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