Tue, Oct 03, 2023

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How we can help you

The primary mission of the CWM Qld is to provide volunteer self funded pest animal management to landholders, state and local governments, natural resource and conservation organisations.  In cooperation with landowners and managers, a property assessment is carried out followed by the formulation of an integrated pest management plan.  Volunteer teams are then allocated to implement the agreed plan.

Other important activities our organisation undertakes from time to time include trapping, scientific data collection, animal and plant surveys, flood recovery clean up and general assistance for property owners to help check dams and stock, repair fences and general property maintenance.

Strict management practices and guidelines are implemented for each and every field operation.  We have developed protocols and standard operating procedures to document and sign off each project before we deploy our teams into the field.  Occupational health and safety, hunter ethics and animal welfare are key values that underpin all of our activities.  Our volunteers operate under a strict ‘code of conduct’ and breeches of conduct are not tolerated by the organisation.

  • Subscribers are covered by $20M Public Liability Insurance. https://ssaaqld.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Deporte-Mutual-Certificate-of-Currency-Conditions-Permission-Form.pdf
  • Subscribers have a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets resulting in some great outcomes.
  • Subscribers are totally self sufficient when undertaking field operations.
  • All Subscribers must pass accreditation courses which include bushcraft skills, written examination and high level marksmanship.  All of our field volunteers are members of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Conservation and Wildlife Management Qld and hold appropriate firearm licences issued by the state authorities.  We also have in our ranks accredited senior first aid officers and members who have earned many environmental qualifications including the Property Based Game Management course offered by the Queensland University Gatton Campus.
  • Regular ongoing training and development includes technical and practical competence with firearms, traps, 4WD, remote communications, animal welfare, hunter ethics, team work and conservation strategies and techniques.
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