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Introduction to CWM

Our Motto - "Preserving Australia's Heritage"

Mission Statement

  • To identify, define, maintain, protect and restore biotic communities within Australia’s Natural Heritage.
  • Identify areas of degradation.
  • Through consultation with private landholders and government departments, determine causes of degradation.
  • Identify causes of degradation which may be controlled, minimised or removed entirely.
  • Define goals related to control and/or management of causes of degradation.
  • Develop management plans in conjunction with private landholders and government departments where appropriate.
  • Carry out field operations that relate specifically to agreed management plans and record and relay data to appropriate parties.
  • Develop and implement programs to maintain biotic communities.
  • Through education and positive action, raise public awareness of degradation in biodiversity.

Our History

Since the early 1990s, SSAA have been formally working with various government authorities to conserve native species and manage species that are negatively impacting the environment. The South Australian branch of the SSAA pioneered the Hunting and Conservation division to assist the authorities as a no-cost service, and successfully worked with the National Parks and Wildlife Service on feral goat control throughout the Gannon Ranges.

The group developed a training and accreditation programme to ensure that each group member had the necessary skills and knowledge that displayed they could operate safely within the restricted parks areas. Since that time SSAA members have initiated divisions in six Australian states and territories.

The SSAA Queensland division of Conservation and Wildlife Management was established in 2001 and has developed a strong and diversified membership base covering the south east corner, central, central highlands and far north Queensland areas.


Are you interested in becoming a responsible conservation hunter?

We are always looking for new members to join our dedicated group of volunteers.

Each month there are various feral control projects within the state to participate in. As members, you will use your skills and time to help protect our native wildlife and the bush environment for future generations. Enjoy mateship and camaraderie with like minded individuals. Travel to and enjoy some magnificent areas of Queensland. Have access to regular and ongoing training including bushcraft, conservation and animal welfare, marksmanship, remote area training in 4WD use and communications to name a few.

Visit our membership section for more details

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