Sat, Jan 23, 2021

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Name Position Mobile
CWM Office Enquiries  
Ken Payne SSAA CWM Qld Administration & Finance  
Damien Ferguson SSAA CWM Qld Chairperson 0402424424
Bart Dryden Cairns area coordinator 0400705830
John Cosgrove Southern QLD Training  
Bob Knight Cairns area Accreditation Coordinator 0457800999
John Paterson Cairns area Accreditation Coordinator 2nd 0477154510
Malcolm Stockill Rockhampton & Gladstone area coordinator  0427730969

Mick Horvath

SSAA CWM Qld co-ordinator Central Region & Mackay Area Coordinator 0427273714

Mike Farrell

SSAA CWM Qld co-ordinator Southern Region  0408610760
Mark Woods SSAA CWM Qld co-ordinator Operations & Training  0438098469
Owen McIntyre Southern QLD Accreditation Coordinator  0417615505
Paul Hales  Ravenshoe area coordinator  0407467827
Randle Irvin SSAA CWM Qld co-ordinator Northern Region & Townsville area coordinator  0411040010
Ted Wassenberg Newsletter Editor 0428753297

Trip Leader contacts can be found at the bottom of the Calendar page.

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