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Townsville Islands Project


The Manbuura people are the traditional owners of the Islands in the area, with Local Government responsible for care and maintenance. Townsville Island project is located off the coast just north of Townsville. The Island is highly biodiverse, and offers a unique opportunity for CWM members to restore the island to where it is free of introduced feral animals.


Townsville Islands is approx 2.5 square kilometre island property 25 klm off the mainland.


Palm Island Shire Council

Conservation Outcome

  • Preserve and enhance populations of native ground-dwelling species
  • Preserve and enhance populations of native and migratory bird species
  • Preserve and enhance plant biodiversity and native wildlife.
  • Feral goat control


Townsville Island Project has had feral goat resident on the Island for as long as records have been kept. The management of this property adds significantly to the ecological values of the region. A management plan exists for the property, and CWM Qld are responsible for the pest species management component of this plan.

The property is highly biodiverse, with rough and steep terrain, and greatly varied ecosystems, both in structure and diversity, create an interesting and challenging location for CWM Qld members to work.

Management of this property is complex. Several interest groups use this property for a number of activities, and they are balanced with the ecological management requirements. Townsville Islands is also used for training CWM Qld members, particularly in some of the complimentary activities we undertake in the field such as fauna surveys and weed management.

Project Milestones

2013 the project started

2014 Project established with significant process towards our goal.

SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management expertise utilised

  • Ground shooting of Feral goats.
  • Monitor for any introduced feral predators.
  • Minor maintenance work on facilities



Bush camping off the beach.


To project: Boat by arrangement.

On ground: Walking (principally)

What to bring

Standard equipment for all CWM projects (refer Project Coordinator)

Consider the weather conditions for the time of year that you are attending the project.

Co-ordinate with your trip leader directly.

Project Contacts

Please look at Calendar tab and relevant contact is there against projected dates.

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