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Liverpool Ranges Project

This project is centered on a number of private properties located about halfway between Brisbane and Warwick.

These properties span between Cunningham’s Gap, near the town of Maryvale down the eastern side of the range to outside the town of Grandchester.   

The properties are mixture of uncleared scrub, forest and cleared pasture and are used for sustainable cattle grazing, resorts and animal hospitals and research.

The area is traversed by a number of small creeks and some very steep country with timber covered hills and mountain features.  There are many farm tracks of various quality, unmarked farm facilities and well maintained fences.  The properties have excellent bush camping sites to enjoy some truly beautiful countryside.

Some of the properties have significant national parks on their boundaries.


Specific details will be provided to members by the team leader running each activity/deployment.

Conservation Outcomes:

  • Preserve and enhance populations of native ground-dwelling mammal species, particularly the Hastings River Mouse (Pseudomys oralis) and native bird species by assisting with feral predator control.
    • Further info about the Hastings River Mouse can be found here:

  • Feral predator species to be controlled include: wild dogs, feral cats, European red fox, feral pigs & deer.


This project, which began in 2013, resulted from a request from a working cattle property, a Nature Refuge and an NRM group asking for assistance in controlling predators in an area known to have Hastings River Mouse populations.  Wild dogs were also predating on cattle, calves, pets and other livestock in the area.  As with most CWM projects, this project has expanded beyond it's initial 7,000 acres and now includes other properties in the group and also neighbours.

Project Milestones:

Assessments and approvals to conduct predator control were obtained in 2013, with Team Leaders nominated.  

Trail cameras have been deployed at various locations to help develop an understanding of feral activity, and this assessment is continuing. 

Three designated activity areas were identified initially. Experience has prompted the establishment of a central Base Camp location from which patrol activity can radiate. This provides for improved liaison between teams, enhanced sharing of feral activity information, enhanced safety and greater member interaction while in camp.

Families are encouraged to also utilise this attractive location, beside a small creek.

Team Leaders have the freedom and authority to conduct activities at short notice.

These properties are large and diverse enough to accommodate many teams operating day or night, concurrently.



This depends on which property you will be working on and can range from very comfortable cabins to bush camping.  Please refer to your team leader for more details. Consequently, there is something for everyone and please be cognisant of weather at the time of deployment.


Vehicle access is good for some of the properties although 4wd is recommended on most and necessary on some. 

4WD vehicles, including perhaps appropriately registered quad bikes, are necessary to access more distant property locations.

It is a requirement that farm tracks are not used during or immediately after heavy rain. Consequently, heavy rain could necessitate the vacation of the property, at short notice.

What to bring:

All mandatory CWM specified equipments, clothing and documentation.

Appropriate personal camping / eating / drinking water / sleeping equipment.

Currently there are no specific calibre restrictions for this project, however as with all projects please refer to the ‘Codes of practice for the humane destruction of wildlife’ at this link and carry equipment capable of effectively euthanising the feral animals listed above with one shot -

Project Contacts:

Alastair Rogerson         Project Leader & Coordinator                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greg Prior                     Team Leader                                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This project has the potential to expand its area of operation even more over time.  Because of the smaller numbers of cattle and minimal crops, there appears to be little intermittent pig activity, however wild dogs, feral cats, foxes & deer are the species described as most prevalent by the landholders.

The proximity of this property to Brisbane and its terrain type make is suitable for members and their families wishing to enjoy picturesque surroundings.

As Team Leaders have the authority and flexibility to deploy teams under their control at short notice, any interested CWM members are encouraged to contact any of the Liverpool Ranges Project team leaders with a view to participating, even at quite short notice.

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