Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Project Stewartdale Stewartdale is a 1200 hectare property 40 minutes south of Brisbane, owned by S.S.A.A. (QLD) Inc. The property is highly biodiverse, containing three threatened ecosystems (2 Endangered & one Of Concern) and several rare and threatened species. Read the Full Story
Project Calliope Assist with the preservation of a variety of Tinker Frog via control of predators and pest animals that carry the chytrid fungus that endangers the frog via spread of the fungus and predation on the frog. Read the Full Story
Project Avocet Project Flashjack is a major initiative in conjunction with the Queensland Government, the focus of which is to provide support to Qld Environment & Heritage Dept & Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service in the reintroduction and subsequent recovery of the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby, an endangered species that used to be very widespread. Read the Full Story

Conservation and Wildlife Management Queensland

Are you a responsible conservation hunter?

SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management Qld wants YOU

Participate in various feral control projects each month in some magnificent parts of Queensland, enjoying mateship and camaraderie with like-minded individuals

  • Use your skills and time to help protect our native wildlife and the environment
  • Regular ongoing skills development includes bushcraft, first aid, conservation and animal welfare, map reading and use, ethical hunting practices, GPS use, marksmanship, 4WD use, chainsaw certificates, remote communications and more.

Be part of the solution.

We have projects throughout much of Queensland.

map of Queensland showing CWM properties under management As at July 2015, we conduct pest animal management activities on over 60 properties owned by governments, private landowners and conservation groups.


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